The Do’s and Don’t's of Silver Investing

Silver as a commodity and industrial metal will appreciate in value based on the simple economic fundamentals of supply and demand. Because we have consumed most of it, there is less silver now then there is gold. Silver is actually more precious than gold based on our consumption and what’s left above ground.  When people find this out, silver will skyrocket.

When buying silver as an asset, it is best if you know and understand a few, but critical, points. First understand silver is more of a wealth preserving asset rather than an income producing asset. Be patient. You will also want to know what kind of silver is NOT good to buy so you will have a better understanding about why certain forms are superior at the purchase stage. The following comes from experience, at least most of it and the rest is due diligence.

First, How Not To Buy Silver:

DON’T buy ETF’s, pool accounts, or silver certificates of any kind from any bank. This provides you with “price exposure” to silver only. This means you don’t get any silver. This paper silver is a promise to pay or deliver and will not hold up under strenuous economic times like right now. Plus, many believe (myself included) that much of this paper silver is backed by nothing. Also, buying these does not afford you the luxury of being a private investment.

DON’T buy collector coins, or, numismatic coinage. This stuff comes at a higher premium above the spot price of the silver content of the coin and is often tough to sell. Trust me on this one. Also, during economic failure, a lot of peoples old coin collection comes off the shelf and ends up flooding the market making your rare collector coin….well not so rare.

Now for the fun part.

How to Buy Silver:

DO buy a purity of at least .999 fine silver to preserve financial value via precious metals (especially now in this silver bull market – it’s the best way to hedge against inflation in this troubled economy)

DO buy 10 oz. and 100 oz. silver bars by reputable companies like A-Mark, J.M. and Engelhard to increase your physical holdings. These are very well known as well as widely respected and trusted as safe investments because of their stamp of authenticity.

DO buy denominations of 1 Troy ounce government issued (nationally minted) coins like the Silver Eagle from the American Mint and the Canadian Silver Maple from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins will be the easiest bullion to sell off or liquidate while inflation continues rising to astronomical levels. Also good quality rounds will give you more bang for the buck see how premiums are not as high as coins

DO buy from respected bullion dealers online and local coin dealers or coin shops.


I use the guys below and have been very happy. (I have tried a few other dealers but not all are created equal.)
Gold and Silver Online

New Age Recruiting!

Below are some of my best MLM/Network Marketing recruiting tips that will show you how to recruit for any

MLM or Network marketing program you may be involved in, without ever having to make another cold call.

Why is it that only 5% of people involved with network or multi level marketing ever succeed? A new recruit gets all pumped up and within a few weeks is on to the next deal.

First let’s talk about a few things that has been done so far:

1) Pulling your hair out trying to meet people in coffee shops for a one on one presentation

or going to a group meeting.  

2) Handing out company sales material. Giving out things like brochures, cassettes, DVD’s usually end up costing you more money than you will make and rarely results in getting a new recruit. Let be honest ,though some of the materials are beautiful most companies sales material doesn’t really sell, but it does make a ton of money for the company when YOU purchase it from them. (Your call.)

3) (Warm 100) Making a list of family, friends, or people you do business with. This usually kills off a new distributor faster than anything. After a few no’s, “game over”. People can’t stand rejection nor handle it very well, especially from a family or friend. This method rarely works and is very old school.

Now that we’ve examined the things that don’t work, let’s move on to things that will help you build your MLM or Network Marketing business

1) Getting some basic internet skills such as how to use blogs, article marketing, simple website creation, free and low cost advertising, so you can reach the masses. It’s a lot easier than the guru’s lead you to believe. (Use a system)

2) You need to become the expert. Everyone has something they are good at. You can use what you are good at to help in your MLM recruiting efforts. For example, if you were considered a great softball coach, you could use the ” tag” Winning Softball Coach Makes Easy Money and Recruits Distributors Doing What You’re Not! What tag line could you use?  (Personal branding)

3) Sharpen a few skills. Sharpen your strengths and “hire out” or “partner up” to shore up your weakness. Focus on what you are good at and don’t waste time on weakness. Leaders surround themselves with specialists. If you do not present well get your prospects in front of someone who does. If you are not great at building websites hire someone or partner up or barter you get the idea. Now get out there and recruit!


Until next time…YOU are the Brand!

Robert E Reed

Silver is a Golden Opportunity!


It has been a little more than 2000 years ago when the world’s initial forms of money were gold and silver only. When looking back at the market of that time, the ratio of silver to gold was 12 to 1 on an average. That was the exchange rate between these precious metals! Twelve ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold! It varied, of course, in different places during those times. But that was the average! Today the ratio is nearly 60 to 1. If we consider history a reevaluation is eminent.


  • The silver circulating in the market was 12 times higher than gold.


There was even a time when the price of silver dropped straight down to 1/100th that of gold’s! This was the time when US government by the decree signed by FDR, Silver Purchase Act of 1934, augmented its stockpile of silver to about 3.5 billion ounces.

At the start of the year 1960, silver was priced at $1.29 every ounce (Boy, I wish I had a truck of silver then but I digress). The increase in its price was because paper money or US dollar in circulation was too copious.


  • Abundance in currency supply caused silver price to rise.


People saw an opportunity for silver to rise even higher. The fastest way to purchase silver was to bring your dollar bill to a bank and get it changed. Then melt coins to get silver and sell it for a profit. Every one was buying silver that way. Due to that fact, in 1965, silver was not included in the minting of US coins. Have you noticed the copper content on the side of your post 1965 quarters and dimes?

When gold standard was abolished and currency supply increased even more, prices of silver were from $3 – $6. Those that have lots of silver made a big profit selling them through the year of 1970. Coming from $1.29 to about $6 – who wouldn’t sell?


  • Abolishment of gold standard and too much supply of paper money were the reasons why price of silver rose.


Towards the end of 1970s, silver prices were climbing too fast. People, instead of selling were again buying silver from here and there. By the end of that year to the beginning of 1980, silver climbed from $5.00 to the highest price of $50.00 an ounce.


  • People came rushing in buying silver… this rush catapulted the price of silver to $50.00.


Points for analysis:


  • Silver in circulation was 12 times more than gold, now the silver of the world has shrunk to almost no stockpile. Silver is getting too rare. More gold does not mean price will go down but silver will catch up.
  • Inflation – paper money printing gone wild, too many currency in circulation. Government can’t stop printing, needs money to operate on a daily basis. Debt increases daily. Gold and silver will catch up to all the printed money circulating. It will be the biggest reason precious metals’ price will spike.
  • Investors see gold as the winner right now and eventually will become too high of a price for them to acquire. All will turn to silver that’s catching up to gold’s value. Ratio between 2 metals could be at 1:1!
  • All will rush to get silver… this has happened before, the price of silver catapulted! Since there is a very limited supply of silver and demand is too high, price will be ‘limitless’!


This is Economics 101 – the PRICE is HIGH if demand is high while supply is low. Silver will be too rare but cheap right now! If you acquire more silver today at the spot price, you’ll be raking all the benefits before everyone else comes rushing in! PUT yourself in front of the crowd!


“Fighting the evil force of personal poverty both your and mine”


The 4 C’s of Self Branding

The main hub of your online personal brand will be a website or a personal landing page that showcases your expertise, experience, and personality. To build your brand effectively you will have to utilize the 4 C’s. They are Connect, Communicate, Contribute and finally Consistency (more on this later). Next you will need to put some tools in place like a website or landing page. There are plenty of resources and software to help you with this task.
Once you secure your software, here are eight essential elements you need to include on your website. #1: About Me page The “About Me” section is the place to tell your story: how you became interested in your field, how you have evolved into an industry expert in your niche and what level of experience you have. Include a professional photo, and write in the first person, channeling your inner storyteller. Show your personality, too, so people get to know the “real you” behind the personal brand.
#2: Contact Me page Don’t make people guess how to contact you. Put your “Contact Me” information at the top of your website (most people have it on the right upper-hand corner of the homepage). Ideally, include a form on the Contact Me section with fields for name, email address and phone number, plus a large field so visitors can type in their specific question.
#3: Blog There are many ways to incorporate your blog into the website. Some websites have teasers to the latest blog posts right from the homepage. Others have a link to the blog from the top navigation bar. And other websites list the most recent blog post titles on their homepage. Play around and find the best solution for your website design and audience.
#4: Services/Products If you are an entrepreneur, it is essential that you include information on what services and products you offer. Depending on your business, this may include having a shopping cart feature so people can buy straight from your website. Be clear with your pricing and product descriptions so people understand what they are buying.
#5: Testimonials Whenever you have a satisfied customer or a peer who can recommend you, include a testimonial from this person on your website. Depending on the amount of testimonials you gather, consider having an entire page for your testimonials. Another effective technique is to sprinkle your testimonials throughout your website. Include the person’s photo, name, job title and website to further validate the endorsement. For an additional punch, record a video of the person’s testimonial.
#6: As Seen In For more social proof, considering adding a box to your homepage with a list of media outlets where you have appeared. This could include offline publications as well as online ones. If you have links to your media interviews, then also consider adding them to your “About Me” section, or have a separate section for your media spotlights.
#7: Links to social media sites On your homepage, include a list of where you appear on social media. This is usually accomplished by including social media icons that link to your specific account. Consider adding a Facebook Like Box as well to your homepage. Studies have shown that including the Like Box on your website increases page likes because people don’t have to leave your website to like the Facebook page.
#8: Opt-in and free gift If you want to build an email list, you should add a fantastic free gift offer on to your homepage. Then, word your offer so that anyone who enters his name and email address for the gift will receive your weekly newsletter as a bonus. Offering a free gift is a great way to grow your list, plus you can showcase your expertise by sharing your knowledge about your field. Your personal branding website is a crucial element of your overall strategy, so be sure to include these eight important components. One final piece of advice: Write for your customer. Solve their problems, feel their pain points and offer solutions. This will propel your personal branding website even more.
Until next time…YOU are the Brand!
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