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David Wood Review by Robert Reed

At first glance you may think of David Wood as a long, curly haired hippy surfer dude but underneath is something far more. I came across some of his articles not so long ago and found them very insightful especially from someone so young (under 30). He seemed to really know his stuff but what[…]

Success from the Inside Out

Categories: character
Published on: November 9, 2010

Personal growth means becoming bigger than your problems. This realization alone can dramatically change your life. All of life is about meeting and overcoming the challenges life throws at you. But it will require character development. So many of us believe that life happens “to” us when in fact life happens “from” us. When we[…]

What is an Entrepreneur?

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Do you have Influence?

The following is an excerpt from a newsletter my business partner, Tammie Nielsen, wrote. I believe she caught the essence of what having influence is all about. We all have influence to some degree but most of us don’t know how to harness, build and use it. Having influence becomes critically important in a competitive[…]

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