Do you have Influence?

The following is an excerpt from a newsletter my business partner, Tammie Nielsen, wrote. I believe she caught the essence of what having influence is all about. We all have influence to some degree but most of us don’t know how to harness, build and use it.

Having influence becomes critically important in a competitive business environment and relationships are key. So if you are wondering what make a prospect choose you or a competitor check your influence. (influence check)

Do You Have Influence? ~ by Tammie Nielsen

If you use social media; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc just for fun then stop reading! This email is not for you. However, if you are using social media to build your business and your personal brand then you need to know it is all about influence. You may be asking your self why you need influence, what is influence and how to gain influence? Influence is the foundation of everything you do on line, it’s the purpose, maybe not the end result but it is the purpose. Have you created value with the people you are connecting too? Are they intrigued when you tell them about a product or service? Do they believe you are telling them the truth that you’re not out for your own benefit only? Building relationships is the 1st thing you need to do if you are trying to build an online brand. Influence is the end result of performing the3 C’s well. If you are contributing to your friends, followers, fans and subscribers then you will build influence.

Fast Company is conducting the influence project so you can see just how influential you are on line. You may be more influential than you know! Check it out at . Keep working on your 3 C’s and you will create influence. Don’t get discouraged everyone starts at the same place. Some people take the online portion of their business and brand more seriously than others and these people are the ones that will ultimately benefit.

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