Winning the Financial Game of Life

To the rich, money is simply a game. While the average person sees it as a source of frustration and stress the rich sees it as a means to an end. To what end? In a word, “FREEDOM”. Freedom from the bondage of bills, freedom from limited options, freedom from a J.O.B, freedom from “checking” the price tag, freedom to travel, freedom from saying “Mommy/Daddy has to work, I can’t go to your game……, Just plain freedom. Wouldn’t you want that type of freedom? It’s about freedom not the money, only what the money represents.

First, the rich view themselves as either making money or losing money. Inflation does not stand still and nor does their money. They don’t save they invest. Second, their financial outlook is either “Win or Learn” instead of win or lose. They play the game of money to win while the average person plays not to lose (if they play at all). Lastly, the rich buy or build assets while the average person buys liabilities (stuff). Clearly the biggest difference between the rich and the average person is mindset, attitude and habits.

Like life, the money game has a time limit. I heard the financial game of life broken down into 4 financial quarters;

Ages 25-35 is our first quarter (REAL job working years)
Ages 36-45 is our second quarter
Ages 46-55 is our third quarter
Ages 55-65 is our fourth quarter (at this point many of hope to retire)
Ages 65 and beyond is overtime. (if you can’t retire)

Where are you in the game? Are you winning or losing?

For most of us this can be extremely eye opening. Rather than fearing the reality of falling behind in the financial game use it to empower you to make “in-game ” adjustments. In professional sports, teams often fall behind early on but make dramatic comebacks. (Except the Texans…just poking fun at the home team!) Winning teams figure out what is not working and adjust.

You too need to be savvy enough to strategize your comeback but flexible enough in your approach. Figure out your options and execute while there is still time. Here are a few play call options;

Affiliate marketing, Network marketing, Home based business, Franchising, Real Estate or commission sales (if you can sell you’ll never go hungry or be out of work)

How do you know there is still time left on the clock? You are still breathing aren’t you?

Now get out there and win this game!

“Fighting the evil forces of personal poverty both yours and mine.”

Robert Reed

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