David Wood Review by Robert Reed

At first glance you may think of David Wood as a long, curly haired hippy surfer dude but underneath is something far more. I came across some of his articles not so long ago and found them very insightful especially from someone so young (under 30).

He seemed to really know his stuff but what really shocked me was his openness and brutal honesty when it came to internet marketing and network marketing. But before I allowed myself to get caught up in his juicy information I had to do a little research so I decided to check his Alexa rankings and blog statistics and this guy was the real deal.

What I mean is that he gets real results and shows you exactly how he does it. Some internet gurus tell you a lot of fluffy stuff without telling anything until you go further down the rabbit hole (sales funnel). I understand the need to build a list but the concept of “giving” before you get still applies.

I love the genre of “internet celebrity”. With a lot of scammers and fakes out there you can still find some real leaders out there that are making it happen. Leaders like David Wood but also Mike Dillard, Yanik Silver, Jay Kubassek, Gary Vaynerchuck , Seth Godin, Katie Frieling, and a small host of others. In fact, I wish to be part of such a elite group.

More on David Wood…

David has commanded a very generous income in a very short period of time, and the best part is most of his concepts dwell around the word FREE; which is very attractive to many people who are either just getting started, or who have already over spent and are not turning a profit online. It is amazing what he has done in a very short period of time. He has a background in mlm with Amway being his first stint and later joining iLearning Global as the #1 recruiter then switching to Numis Network to once again become the # 1 recruiter. Not bad for a guy who was living in his van 2 years prior. The only thing that makes his success even greater is that once you understand his dynamics you realize “wow” you can do it also. If you are serious about making money online the system he follows is a very intricate but very simple 4 step process. However you have to implement the entire system to work.

He uses content marketing, combined with video marketing. Using this 4 step process has literally allowed him to dominate many top positions on Google using his specific and chosen keywords. For the triple threat he also uses social bookmarking sites which ultimately give him optimum exposure.

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