How To Build Your Financial Ark

How To Build Your Financial Ark

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last three years you probably know that we have been and still are experiencing some economic turmoil. During this same time frame, the hottest industry has been precious metals. Gold and silver in particular have gone from $800 an ounce to $1,400 an ounce and $14 an ounce to $30 an ounce, respectively.

You may have also seen TV ads offering to give you cash for your gold. Have you wondered why they are doing this? And what about some renown financial minds stockpiling gold and silver while recommending you and I do the same? Not to mention countries like China buying boatloads of gold and silver as well as other precious metals.  What do you think it all means?

What they all have in common is that they are building financial arks in preparation for the economic storm ahead. Are you?

There are some simple strategies you can utilize to build your own financial ark.

3 step plan to building a financial ark

The foundation should start with information and financial education. Information is stats, trends, regulations, graphs, etc., while financial education is what you will need in order to understand the information you receive.

You can use the next 3 steps to build an ark that can weather the upcoming financial storm (pun totally intended).

Step 1. Join a network marketing company, preferably a gold and silver MLM. Why? Because you will be positioning yourself in the hottest industry today. Can you imagine building and preserving wealth at the same time?!

Step 2. Buy both collector grade gold and silver as well as bullion. Why both? You ask great questions!  Graded gold and silver are the kinds you can make a residual income with. Bullion is the money of kings and will be cheaper while being an awesome way of preserving your wealth with the weakening of the dollar.

Step 3. Help others do the same. It comes down to the words of the great motivator Zig Ziglar: You can have what you want if you help enough people get what they want. This is essential  to building your wealth. You could do it on your own but you know as well as I do that it will take much longer. Truth is, wealth-building is a team sport.

And there you have it. A 3 step strategy to help you take advantage of one of the largest transfers of wealth since the Great Depression. Are you ready?

Fighting the evil forces of personal poverty – both yours and mine.

Robert Reed

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