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Published on: March 1, 2010

Want to Save Time ?

I love what social media does for my company, my personal brand and my pocket book. But when I first started using social media I found it was eating up my time. Has that happened to you? Well, I started searching for tools and sites that would help me accomplish all I needed to do for little or no money and save me time. Because really that is the one thing I can’t have more of.

Scheduling Post

There are many sites that allow you to schedule post and I have tried several of them. But my favorite is Social Oomph (formerly tweet later) Social Oomph allows me to schedule tweets and FB post in advance, manage more than one account, schedule auto responses to followers on twitter and even vet my followers among other things.


Have you ever wondered how many people are clicking on your links that you post on social media sites? Well, if you’re not your should. The only way to improve your use of social media is to test, test, test and keep testing and one of the easiest ways I have ever used is This web site shortens the URL to a manageable size, you only have 140 characters so you want to use them wisely. Then it tracks how many clicks, what day, what time and where they came from! So if your not getting the results you want re write your post or your head line and keep trying.

Pulling It All Together

What’s your home page when you open your computer? Does it have all your social media sites and web sites right there for you to work from? If not you are wasting valuable time. My PLP is one of my most important tools I use not only does it have all my sites to just click on to go where I need to but I also have a place to send people to that I want to connect with. When I am networking I frequently just want to be able to keep in touch and build a relationship with them. Using social media sites are a great way to do that but try sending someone you just met to connect with you on facebook it can be a nightmare because your name is not unique and it may be very difficlut to find you. And Twitter has some glitches many times you will not be able to find some one by their name or user name the twitter search just can’t find them. But when I send them to my PLP all my buttons are right there for them to connect with me. check it out my PLP here. It also helps them remember my name because it is the web address as well as my email
That’s the kind of consistency that builds name recognition and is so important when building your personal brand.

Good Luck!
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