WWLD: Donald Trump taking a stand

WWLD: Trump takes a stand

Regardless of how you may feel about Donald Trump, his name and brand has always been synonymous with leadership and success. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or none of the above during times of challenge, leaders step up. In fact, that is when leadership is revealed.

I have often said we should elect a leader depending on the particular situation we find ourselves in. In other words, if we are in a time of war we should elect a leader with wartime experience. Now we find ourselves in an economic crisis on a global scale, is it not logical to have a leader with strong economic and monetary experience? This post may sound like a “Trump for President” endorsement but do not miss the point. The point of this article is about leadership. Leaders take a stand we they see a challenge they rise to the challenge.

The question is; Do you rise to the challenge in your business? Are you handling your cash flow challenges? How about your recruiting challenges? Taxes, pr, marketing, legal matters and the list goes on. There are no big problems only small people. I know that may sting a little but we must become bigger than our problems. That is leadership and personal growth.

So ask yourself “Am I bigger than my problems or are my problems too big for me to handle?”

Fighting the evil forces of personal poverty both yours and  mine.”

Robert Reed

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Published on: February 8, 2011

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