CierAura Review by Robert Reed

Maybe you’ve recently been told by someone that CieAura is an amazing new business model that will make you wealthy from the comfort of your own home? Did they tell you about CieAura’s “transparent holographic chips” that will vastly improve your health and give your body the balance it needs? CieAura’s chips might actually work, and might relieve some pain and ailments in your body. I find the concept fascinating. There is some history with sort of methodology.

CieAura is an interesting MLM business to review and one which I’ve enjoyed putting together. This is unbiased and I hope informative to say the least, so let me know if it’s the kind of review you want to see of the CieAura MLM business by leaving a comment and your thoughts at the end. In my best Heath Ledger/Joker voice “And here we goes;

At the helm of CieAura you can find Ken Rasner, an Internet Marketer with a solid reputation in the field and a long track record.  With a captain of the industry in the pilot box, you know that even though CieAura is one of the newer ships on the MLM seas there is not much chance of its hull getting rammed.

CieAura takes a stand in a niche where customers want results within minutes.  They concentrate their efforts in the areas of pain, insomnia, energy and fatigue relief.  The delivery system they use is in the form of a patch; subsequently, you don’t have the stigmata of a pill pusher attached to the product.  Combine that with instant relief and you have a product which should take a good chunk of the market.

A fact that cannot be ignored is that 97% fail in Multi Level Marketing and down line attrition is at an all time high. Most MLM companies, such as CieAura, push their new members to make a list of family and friends and invite them over for a home presentation. “Modern day network marketers must understand that friends and family are not entrepreneurs, and home presentations are primitive and ineffective. In the MLM industry, marketing the opportunity to generate income, not the product, is how to effectively grow a business”, Mr. Woolf states. “Would you continue to use and purchase these holographic chips if you weren’t making any money? Probably not.”

You must try to create an income that is greater than your monthly auto-ship, company meetings, and marketing expenses.  This is very difficult for the new person as it takes time to build a business and create an income large enough just to cover those expenses.  It will be important to quickly get your business into a profit.

You must also take a look at the marketing strategy that you will be utilizing.  If you learn from your sponsor and the leadership of CieAura they will teach you to make a names list.  This list will consist of anyone that you know and would know you by name.  You will then be taught to contact these people and show them why the holographic chips are beneficial to their health as well as let them know about the opportunity to sell them as well.  This is okay to start out; however, you must also learn other marketing strategies as 99% of your income will come from people you do not currently know. This technique is very common in MLM trainings and is effective at fundamental and foundational business building however, many people still fail at it simply because 90% of the people you talk to will say no to any MLM opportunity.

To succeed in any network marketing company you will need to master the marketing part of the equation to get your business into profit quickly and also find other marketing strategies that will allow you to sponsor new distributors into your business.  The key is a lead generation system, a system that markets you first as the leader, walks prospects through the sales funnel and provides tools to help others get what they want. Success is possible in network marketing is possible if you can apply this knowledge.

“Fighting the evil forces of personal poverty both your and mine”

Robert Reed

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