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I’m not into scare tactics and doomsday conspiracies but the world around us is changing and if we recognize the signs we can prepare for what is coming. You would have to be devoid of any technology not to know that America is in a huge financial crisis. Unfortunately, the problem is too great to stop it. So our best plan of action is to take action.

Captain America: “We need a plan of attack.”

Iron Man: “I have a plan,..Attack.”

Avengers Movie but I digress.

Anyway, historically precious metals (PM) have been a hedge against inflation. The beauty is that PM have intrinsic value and is recognized the world over as real money. Let’s face it gold and silver is a store of wealth and if you have fiat currency (paper money) you have already realized its decreasing buying power.  So as Rafiki from the Lion King move would say “What are you going to do?”

I would suggest preparing yourself with sound financial education and start stacking.

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