New Age Recruiting!

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Published on: March 27, 2014

Below are some of my best MLM/Network Marketing recruiting tips that will show you how to recruit for any

MLM or Network marketing program you may be involved in, without ever having to make another cold call.

Why is it that only 5% of people involved with network or multi level marketing ever succeed? A new recruit gets all pumped up and within a few weeks is on to the next deal.

First let’s talk about a few things that has been done so far:

1) Pulling your hair out trying to meet people in coffee shops for a one on one presentation

or going to a group meeting.  

2) Handing out company sales material. Giving out things like brochures, cassettes, DVD’s usually end up costing you more money than you will make and rarely results in getting a new recruit. Let be honest ,though some of the materials are beautiful most companies sales material doesn’t really sell, but it does make a ton of money for the company when YOU purchase it from them. (Your call.)

3) (Warm 100) Making a list of family, friends, or people you do business with. This usually kills off a new distributor faster than anything. After a few no’s, “game over”. People can’t stand rejection nor handle it very well, especially from a family or friend. This method rarely works and is very old school.

Now that we’ve examined the things that don’t work, let’s move on to things that will help you build your MLM or Network Marketing business

1) Getting some basic internet skills such as how to use blogs, article marketing, simple website creation, free and low cost advertising, so you can reach the masses. It’s a lot easier than the guru’s lead you to believe. (Use a system)

2) You need to become the expert. Everyone has something they are good at. You can use what you are good at to help in your MLM recruiting efforts. For example, if you were considered a great softball coach, you could use the ” tag” Winning Softball Coach Makes Easy Money and Recruits Distributors Doing What You’re Not! What tag line could you use?  (Personal branding)

3) Sharpen a few skills. Sharpen your strengths and “hire out” or “partner up” to shore up your weakness. Focus on what you are good at and don’t waste time on weakness. Leaders surround themselves with specialists. If you do not present well get your prospects in front of someone who does. If you are not great at building websites hire someone or partner up or barter you get the idea. Now get out there and recruit!


Until next time…YOU are the Brand!

Robert E Reed

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