The Do’s and Don’t’s of Silver Investing

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Published on: April 10, 2014

Silver as a commodity and industrial metal will appreciate in value based on the simple economic fundamentals of supply and demand. Because we have consumed most of it, there is less silver now then there is gold. Silver is actually more precious than gold based on our consumption and what’s left above ground.  When people find this out, silver will skyrocket.

When buying silver as an asset, it is best if you know and understand a few, but critical, points. First understand silver is more of a wealth preserving asset rather than an income producing asset. Be patient. You will also want to know what kind of silver is NOT good to buy so you will have a better understanding about why certain forms are superior at the purchase stage. The following comes from experience, at least most of it and the rest is due diligence.

First, How Not To Buy Silver:

DON’T buy ETF’s, pool accounts, or silver certificates of any kind from any bank. This provides you with “price exposure” to silver only. This means you don’t get any silver. This paper silver is a promise to pay or deliver and will not hold up under strenuous economic times like right now. Plus, many believe (myself included) that much of this paper silver is backed by nothing. Also, buying these does not afford you the luxury of being a private investment.

DON’T buy collector coins, or, numismatic coinage. This stuff comes at a higher premium above the spot price of the silver content of the coin and is often tough to sell. Trust me on this one. Also, during economic failure, a lot of peoples old coin collection comes off the shelf and ends up flooding the market making your rare collector coin….well not so rare.

Now for the fun part.

How to Buy Silver:

DO buy a purity of at least .999 fine silver to preserve financial value via precious metals (especially now in this silver bull market – it’s the best way to hedge against inflation in this troubled economy)

DO buy 10 oz. and 100 oz. silver bars by reputable companies like A-Mark, J.M. and Engelhard to increase your physical holdings. These are very well known as well as widely respected and trusted as safe investments because of their stamp of authenticity.

DO buy denominations of 1 Troy ounce government issued (nationally minted) coins like the Silver Eagle from the American Mint and the Canadian Silver Maple from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins will be the easiest bullion to sell off or liquidate while inflation continues rising to astronomical levels. Also good quality rounds will give you more bang for the buck see how premiums are not as high as coins

DO buy from respected bullion dealers online and local coin dealers or coin shops.


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